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The bittersweetness of life

I’m so overcome with love and happiness right now

I can’t function no more

nup nup no no can’t just can’t~

I love you all~

lovely sempais, lovely followers, lovely people I’ll never know in a lifetime because there are millions of users in the world and right now I love everyone~

I love you~~~ so much~

I love the friendship in one piece


when they said “you’re too young/old


or start the “but you’re a boy/girl


while they told us “you should be friend with someone on your status


they make excuse “you betray me once”


or “don’t get near that weirdo


and the common “we have…


omg wtf these are my exact thoughts! and I didn’t even send this one in! but I am so happy to see her back and she is such a cutie patootie! just adorable~!

I’m not over it
so not over it
-overwhelmed with happiness-
it’s a month late but i don’t give a chocolate cream puff
Q^Q <3
oh my freaking goodness.
I don’t know who the frick frack you are but…I wanna cuddle the snuff out of you.

How They Spent Their Honeymoon


Zosan/Neozosan rated - ‘M’ ish? Yeah, ‘M’ to safe.


Sanji threw his suitcase on the hotel bed and looked around with a wide smile. There was a balcony that looked out over the brilliantly blue-green ocean, the bath had what appeared to be an extra-large tub with whirlpool jets, and…